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Connections HR - Suppliers of Quality Freelance Trainers
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Connections HR Ltd
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Kings Hill, Kent
ME19 4YU
Tel: 01732 897897
Suppliers of Quality Freelance Trainers
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Connections HR - Suppliers of quality freelance trainers to the training industry

Connections HR is a well-established agency, supplying freelance training staff to training companies throughout the UK, Ireland and across Europe.  We are a small, professional team, based in Kent, with vast experience of the training industry. This enables us to offer a first class service to our customers and has allowed us to strengthen our place in the market as one of the leading training agencies.

What makes Connections HR different . . . . ?

Outstanding Reputation

Over the years, Connections has gained an outstanding reputation within the training industry; for reliability, speed of response and exceptional quality of service.  All Connections trainers represent your company to the high standards you would expect of your own training staff and consistently exceed expectations.

Response Times

We pride ourselves on our response time. We recognise the speed of our response is absolutely key to the success of your sale. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - not just office hours.

Standard Pricelist

Our rates are very competitive and we will agree a standard pricelist with you, with no hidden extras, which means you can quote your customers with confidence.  You won’t need to come to us for a quote for every single booking.

Trainer Relationship

Unlike many agencies, we treat all our freelancers as colleagues.  We always try to meet up regularly and get to know them so we can fit their skills and personality to your requirements.  We make Connections - with a capital "C"!


We have a huge register of experienced trainers based all over  the UK, which means we can provide a quality trainer close to the training venue and reduce travel expenses and overnight stays.

For those out of the way places many of our trainers are happy to travel, both in this country and throughout the world.  And we can even provide trainers who are fluent in other languages too.

Broad Skill Base

Our trainer skill base spans IT applications, personal development and management skills.We also have trainers who specialise in bespoke software, roll-outs and project management.

The Whole Package

The Connections Team will contribute to all aspects of the training request, from identifying needs to post-course support.  In short, Connections will work with you and always add value to any training event.